Creation vs. Evolution 1 (Answers)



Multiple Choice – Choose the best answer.


1.  The basic concept of the “Evolution Model” is that…

A.  Observations of the natural world show evidence of design.

B.  Complexity increases with time by purely natural processes.

C.  Intelligence is required to produce life.

D.  God created the earth and life.


2.  If evolution is happening very slowly, which of the following applies?

A.  The earth is very old.

B.  The earth is very young.

C.  Complexity decreases with time.

D.  The earth is experiencing global warming.


3.  “Kind” in Genesis 1 means:

A.  The exact same thing as a species in biology.

B.  Dogs, cats, and birds are within the same “kind” group; they are all mammals.

C.  There is no variation within a “kind.”

D.  All members within a “kind” are capable of interbreeding and producing offspring.


4.  Which of the following is NOT a position of Theistic Evolution?

A.  Long geological ages.

B.  Biological evolution.

C.  God does not exist.

D.  A local flood.


5.  The First Law of Thermodynamics is also known as:

A.  The conservation of energy.

B.  The law of increasing entropy.

C.  Growth to maturity.

D.  Order increasing in all real processes.


6.  In an Open System with an Adequate Energy Source, which two of the following are necessary to increase the order within a system?

A.  Gravity

B.  A coded plan or program

C.  An energy storage and conversion mechanism

D.  Uniformitarianism in geology


Circle the correct answer – A or B:


 1.  A crystal lattice is an example of:

A.  Disorder going to order, thereby defying the second law of thermodynamics.

B.  A physical expression of order that is due to information already contained in the molecular structure.


Match the following terminologies with the correct definition. In the answer column, write in the letter that corresponds with each terminology.


Terminology Answer Definition
1.      Atheistic Evolution E
  1. The measure of the randomness, disorder, or disorganization of a system.
2.      Second law of thermodynamics
  1. God exists and the entire geologic time table fits within Gen. 1:1 and Gen. 1:2, so the earth is millions of years old.
3.      Entropy  A
  1. God directed the evolutionary process over a very long period of time.
4.      Young Earth Creation  G
  1. In any closed system in which work is being done, entropy increases, that is, the system moves toward a lesser degree of order, a state of higher probability.
5.      Law of selective gravity: An object will fall as to do the most damage  I
  1. God does not exist, there was no universal flood, and everything evolved.
6.      Agnostic  F
  1. God may or may not exist.
7.      Theistic Evolution  C
  1. God created the earth and it is less than 10,000 years old.
8.      First law of thermodynamics  H
  1. The sum total of all of the matter and energy in the universe is constant (the conservation of energy).
9.      Gap Theory  B
  1. A “Murphy’s Law”


Select either “True” or “False” as the answer.


True / False       Selective breeding makes creatures less able to survive.

True / False      There is no variation within a kind.

True / False      Things increase in complexity over time.

True / False      The stars are burning out and the universe is expanding.

True / False      The universe is an open system.

True / False      Almost all of physics is built around the first and second laws of thermodynamics.