Creation vs. Evolution 5

Creation vs. Evolution 5




Multiple Choice – Choose the best answer.


1.  Which of the following is NOT alleged to be a transitional creature?

A.  Humans

B.  The Archaeoptryx

C.  The Platypus

D.  The Horse


2.  True or False? Evolutionists believe that reptiles evolved from birds.


3.  The term “Proavis” has the following meaning:

A.  Before bird

B.  Before flight

C.  Before reptile

D.  None of the above


4.  True or False? When examining reconstructed diagrams of human or other evolution, you must ask yourself if the reconstruction reflects the fossil record.


5. “Australopithecus” means:

A.  Australian Ape

B.  Austrian Ape

C.  Southern Ape

D.  None of the above


6. Several archeological “finds” have been classified as human ancestors because the remains are found in proximity to:

A.  Primitive tools

B.  Dinosaur remains

C.  A natural source for food and water

D.  All of the above


7.  True or False? By discovering the remains of a creature that is virtually identical to modern man, that lived 3 million years ago, Richard Leaky admits that Australopithecus, Homo Erectus and Neanderthal must be eliminated from the evolutionary lineage of modern man because this “modern man” lived prior to the alleged transitional forms.


8.  Peking Man is believed to have been man’s meal rather than man’s ancestor because:

A.  The base of all Peking Man skulls were bashed in

B.  Tools were discovered in the same area

C.  All the fossils except for two teeth were lost during World War II

D.  None of the above


9.  Piltdown Man was eventually proved to be:

A.  A Pig

B.  A Chimpanzee

C.  A Baboon

D.  A Hoax


10.  Nebraska Man was reconstructed from:

A.  A complete skeleton

B.  A fragmentary skull

C.  One tooth

D.  None of the above


11.  Neanderthals were depicted as slouching characters until it was determined that the original skeleton showed signs of:

A.  Osteoporosis

B.  Ricketts

C.  Tuberculosis

D.  None of the above


12.  Who said, “All the fossils of pre-historic man, from all the museums in all the world, would not cover the top of a pool table.”

A.  Winston Churchill

B.  Charles Darwin

C.  Walter Cronkite

D.  Ralph Nader


13.  When evaluating human fossils, which of the following are true?

A.  Classification based on bone structure is unreliable

B.  The fossils are fragmentary in nature

C.  There is a problem with the remains being scattered

D.  All of the above

14.  With the large numbers of fossils that have been discovered since Darwin’s time:

A.  The fossil record does not provide a record of transitional forms

B.  The fossils that support evolution are not there

C.  The time and effort in discovering and studying the fossils have yet to produce any missing links

D.  All of the above


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