Creation vs. Evolution 6

Creation vs. Evolution 6




Multiple Choice – Choose the best answer.


1.  True or False? Some fossils are found in stratified layers that are out of evolutionary order.


2.  The age of stratified formations is determined by:

A.  Radiometric Dating

B.  The composition of the material within the stratified formation

C.  The dimensions of the material within the stratified formation

D.  Indexed Fossils


3.  True or False? Simple organisms are dated very young, while more complex organisms are dated very old.


4.  “This strats is Jurassic and is 150 million years old because this dinosaur bone was found in it”. And, “This dinosaur lived 150 million years ago because it was found in Jurassic strata.” Is an example of:

A.  Circular Reasoning

B.  The First Law of Thermodynamics

C.  Entropy

D.  None of the above


5.  Paleontology reveals:

A.  A world wide flood catastrophe, consistent with the Biblical creation model

B.  A large number of “Index” fossils

C.  A fossil record totally devoid of the transitional forms predicted by the evolution model

D.  All of the above


6.  Geological gradualism seems to be unrealistic after observing:

A.  Surtsey Island

B.  Dinosaur remains

C.  St. Helens

D.  A and C above


7.  True or False? The greater the force (Earthquake, flood or volcano) the greater and more rapid the change to geological features.


8.  True or False? An examination of stratified formations after the Mt. St. Helens eruption, indicate that the Grand Canyon was likely to have formed over millions of years.


9.  The only way to account for the existence of fossils is:

A.  The building up of sediments over millions of years

B.  That they decomposed and were buried

C.  Archaeologists uncovered them

D.  Rapid catastrophic burial


10.  Polystratic fossils:

A.  Are from the Jurassic period

B.  Are a testimony to gradualism

C.  Penetrate many different strata

D.  None of the above


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