Creation vs. Evolution 7 (Answers)



True or False – Choose the best answer.


1.  True or False? Radiometric dating is based on radioactive decay of unstable elements into simpler ones.


2.  The minimum requirements for radiometric dating include:

A.  The initial conditions

B.  The general weather conditions

C.  The rate of the process

D.  The present conditions

E.  The molecular density of the object being dated

F.  The strength of radioactive material in the object being dated

G.  All of the above

H.  A, C & D above

I.  A, D & E above

J.  B, C & F above

K.  None of the above


3.  True or False? The carbon 14 dating method is used exclusively to date rocks.


4.  True or False? Radiometric dating assumes that the date reflects the time that a rock cooled from a molten state to a solid state. Because after the rock cools, the decay particles remain in the rock.


5.  Which of the following is NOT an assumption made in radiometric dating?

A.  The object being dated exists in a closed system

B.  The initial conditions of the object being dated are known

C.  The object being dated exists in an open system

D.  The object being dated has had a constant rate of decay


6.  True or False? By taking rocks that are known to have been formed in the last 100 years, and testing them with radiometric dating methods, has demonstrated that these dating methods are very accurate.


7.  True or False? Based on helium dating, the upper maximum for the age of the Earth, according to a study by Melvin Cook, is 12,000 years.


8.  True or False? Carbon 14 in the atmosphere is assumed to be at equilibrium since it would only take 30,000 years to reach this point. Recent measurements indicate that equilibrium has not yet been reached, implying that the atmosphere is less than 30,000 years old.


9.  Which of the following provide evidence for a young universe and solar system?

A.  Spiral Galaxies

B.  The rapid decay of short period comets

C.  The breakup of star and galaxy clusters

D.  All of the above


10.  If the water vapor canopy theory were true, which of the following effects would be seen?

A.  A warm climate all over the Earth

B.  Reduced aging effects on living things

C.  Higher humidity

D.  All of the above


11.  True or False? The Biblical flood model predicts a general order of simpler fossils in the lower strata, and more complex fossils in the upper strata.


12.  True or False? Experiments have shown that plant material can be converted to oil in 20 minutes at temperatures and pressures that are easily attained within the Earth’s crust.


13.  True or False? Due to the observed permeability of oil reservoir formations, oil pressures cannot be maintained for more than 500,000 years.